I’m Prediabetic … What Do I Do?

by Jim Gocke, Nurse Practitioner – Ironwood Primary Care

‘I’m prediabetic … now what do I do?’

Jim Gocke, APRN

For most people, the thought of getting diabetes is a distant possibility until suddenly their provider uses the term “pre-diabetes” after some routine lab work.

This can be unsettling, but it is not the end of the world.

It is a warning that you may progress to diabetes if you don’t change the factors contributing to the disease

First, you must change your way of eating that is directly leading you to becoming diabetic.

Perhaps you are consuming too many carbohydrates and not staying active. This leads to weight gain. Eventually our system is unable to process the calories.

There may be a genetic risk.

You are at a point that changing lifestyles can help you avoid developing diabetes.

Diabetes is the body’s inability to break down foods and sugar into energy.

This results in blood glucose levels far above normal and can lead to other health problems.

You must take action!

You don’t need any gadgets, unusual foods, or expensive doo-dads.

You just need to follow a healthy nutrition lifestyle and get active. Exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle.
A plant-based eating style will be the most effective nutrition to prevent progressing to Diabetes.

Not vegetarian, but most of what you eat should be from the plant kingdom.

A plant-based diet will offer the most nutrition your body needs without the unneeded calories and sugar.


A plant-based diet will offer the most nutrition your body needs without the unneeded calories & sugar.


Check out nutritionfacts.org for more information and guidance.

A nutrition consultant or a primary care provider can help you learn more about the best foods to eat on a daily basis.

You will want to learn new methods of shopping and cooking for your journey to health.

You should learn all you can about prediabetes, and how it effects your body.

Learning this will help you understand why you need to change your eating habits and prevent the complications that result from diabetes.

These can include vision changes, heart disease and kidney damage.

You might think this is overwhelming and it can be for some. You will need to learn to  care for your emotions and spiritual health.

Your physical health is directly related to your emotions and the stress in your life. Let’s talk about it.

All in all, to stop prediabetes from turning into full blown diabetes, you will want to learn all you can about the disease.

You will be able to avoid progressing to diabetes and stay healthy.

I would be honored to assist you in this journey, or any other health issues you are faced with.

Jim Gocke is a Nurse Practioner at the Ironwood Primary Care clinic, located at 897 Ironwood Drive in Minden. Call 775-782-1610 for more information. Carson Valley Medical Center also offers one-on-one outpatient nutrition counseling with a registered dietician. Call 775-782-1667 to schedule a counseling appointment.


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