‘Tis The Season For Decorating!

The Christmas season just has a way of brightening up main streets and neighborhoods.

Many will be venturing outside to deck their yards this weekend (and next, and the next one after that). Here are a few tips on making those adventures as safe as possible for you and your family.

  • Make sure not to overload power circuits with lights, and make sure all plugs are tight.
  • If using a ladder, keep both feet on the ladder and keep your body weight centered. Ladders should extend at least three feet above the roof. Don’t stand above the second rung from the top of a ladder. For every four feet of height, move the base of the ladder out one foot.
  • It is winter — some surfaces (particularly on roofs) may be slick, sometimes deceivingly so. Watch your step, and wear slip-resistant shoes.
  • Check decorative lights and wires for broken or missing bulbs, frayed wires, bare spots or excessive kinking.
  • Keep any extension cords and/or power strips protected from snow and water.
  • Indoor lights should not touch drapes, furniture or carpeting.
  • Don’t hammer nails into, or use staples on, lights to hang them. Opt for clips instead.
  • If purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. A fresh tree should have needles that resist being pulled off and don’t snap when bent; a trunk bottom sticky with resin and strong limbs that will drop just a few needles if shaken. Keep your live tree well watered.
  • Artificial trees should have a fire-resistant label on them. If not, don’t put it out.

christmas lights



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