Guys, It’s Time To Take A Closer Look At Your Health

June is Men’s Health Month, making it the perfect time for the guys in your life to take a pause see where their health really stands.

Carson Valley Medical Center is running a series of discounted screenings through the month of June in an effort for the men of the valley to get a better gauge on their overall wellness.

Better health care starts with regular visits to a primary care doctor. (If you don’t have one, now is the time to get one. Call our Find-A-Physician hotline at 775-782-1545 to get matched up with the right fit.)

During a routine checkup, a doctor can update and keep track of your vaccines, establish a road map toward healthier habits and schedule routine screenings — which can help find problem areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

On Wednesdays in June, CVMC is offering a men’s health screening package for $99, which will include an ABI test (peripheral arterial disease screening), a full lipid panel, an A1C diabetes screening and a prostate evaluation. Appointments for these screenings can be made by calling 775-781-1533.

The ABI (ankle brachial index) test is a painless exam that screens for vascular diseases by comparing the blood pressure in your feet to the blood pressure in your arms to determine how well your blood is flowing.

The readings are obtained through the use of a doppler ultrasound device and pressure cuffs.

Normally, the ankle pressure is at least 90 percent of the arm pressure, but with severe narrowing of blood flow, it can register less than 50 percent of the arm pressure.

Such a reading could signal peripheral artery disease (PAD), a condition affecting about 8.5 million Americans. PAD causes poor blood flow to the arms, legs or feet as plaque buildup creates blockages within the vessels.

Symptoms of PAD include leg pain that doesn’t go away when you cease exercising, foot or toe wounds that won’t heal or that heal very slowly, dead tissue, poor nail growth on the toes, poor hair growth on the legs, a marked decrease in the temperature of your lower leg or foot compared with the rest of your body, or erectile dysfunction — especially in men with diabetes.

On June 27, CVMC is offering $50 DEXA scans, which can detect osteoporosis — a disease of dangerously fragile bones. While loss of bone mass generally starts later in age and progresses slower than it does in women, osteoporosis still affects millions of men in the United States.

The DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absoptiometry) scan is painless and is similar to having an X-ray. If it reveals that you have osteoporosis, you and your doctor can work together to manage it and help prevent fractures.

These scans will be performed at Job’s Peak Internal Medicine & Family Practice — one of CVMC’s primary care clinics — and can be scheduled by calling 775-782-1550.

Sources: American Heart Association, National Institutes of Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


CVMC Men's Health Month Ad

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