Douglas County Wins “Best Tasting Water In The State Of Nevada” Distinction For West Valley

Water glasses

Courtesy of Douglas County Community Relations

Minden, Nev. – Douglas County Utilities have once again earned the prestigious honor of receiving “Best Tasting Water in the State of Nevada.” For the third time in five years, Douglas County Utilities has brought the award home, this time for Montaña Well No. 3 that serves the West Valley area.

On August 2, 2018, the Nevada Rural Water Association will announce and present Douglas County Utilities with the award during the Douglas County Board of County Commissioner’s Meeting.  The service area includes the West Valley area from Walley’s to James Canyon.

Douglas County Utilities was also awarded second place for a Genoa Lakes well. Douglas County Utilities won first place with the same well in 2014.

“At Utilities, we recognize there is good water in select locations across the country including Lake Tahoe. Identifying quality locations is one part of the equation. These select locations and our excellent staff of technicians at Utilities have made the difference with their efforts. They have enabled Douglas County Utilities to win the Best Tasting Water Award in the State of Nevada three out of the last five years,” said Tim DeTurk, Douglas County Utilities Superintendent.

Ronnie Leeper, from the Douglas County utilities administrative staff, provided regulatory support for the water systems.  Matt Lounsbury, the operator of the West Valley Systems collected the winning water sample from the No. 3 Montaña Well.  This year the Douglas County Utility division will operate or assist with 17 different water systems.

DeTurk also thanked the Nevada Rural Water Association for giving them to opportunity to enter the contest for all drinking water systems in the state of Nevada.

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