Carson Valley Medical Center Adds Cardiac Monitoring Service

Lorri Cervantes with Holter Monitor
Carson Valley Medical Center EKG technician Lorri Cervantes holds a Holter monitor.

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. — Carson Valley Medical Center, located at 1107 Highway 395 N in Gardnerville, recently added Holter monitoring services to its EKG department.

The test, which must be ordered by a physician, painlessly monitors the patient’s heart rhythm for 24 to 48 hours.  The Holter monitor is a small device — about the size of a pager– with three electrodes that record the patient’s heart rhythm.

The technicians at CVMC will schedule the patient to come in and have the Holter monitor applied. The monitor is then worn continuously for the period of time indicated by the physician.

“There are many reasons a physician may order this test.” said CVMC EKG Technician Lorri Cervantes. “One example is when the patient experiences heart palpitations that occur periodically. This test records the heart rhythm over a period of time so that hopefully one or more of these events can be captured.”

According to CVMC EKG & Respiratory Care Services Manager Shannon Cridebring, CVMC has been working on adding the Holter monitor service for about a year.

“We really wanted to be able to provide a personalized level of care with these tests,” Cridebring said. “Some offices will mail the device to the patient and have the patient set it up themselves. Having the monitor applied by a trained technician means we’re able to ensure that we get a valid test for the physician, which will enable a care plan to be developed according to the results.”

“When the patient returns with the monitor it will be removed, the information is downloaded into a computer, and a service reviews it — giving us a quick 24-hour turnaround. It’s very efficient and convenient for both the patient and physician.”

For more information on Carson Valley Medical Center’s EKG services, visit

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