Carson Valley Medical Center Participates In Great Shakeout Drill

Carson Valley Medical Center activated its hospital incident command system Thursday morning in coordination with the Great Nevada Shakeout drill.

As part of a simulation orchestrated by Quad County Public Health Preparedness, Carson Valley Medical Center’s incident command team was debriefed on a large earthquake scenario occurring at 10:18 a.m. The quake crippled telephone communication and significantly affected public utilities and infrastructure.

CVMC’s incident command activated its communications plan and enacted its internal handheld radio system. Staff completed an internal damage assessment, established an internal network of communication in the absence of internet and telephone services, and prepared to receive an influx of patients affected by the earthquake regionally.

The drill was complete by 11:30 a.m.

More than 580,000 Nevadans – and 58 million people worldwide participated in the Great Shakeout drop, cover, and hold on drill as if there were a major earthquake on Thursday.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On is the technique promoted by the Great Nevada Shakeout as the safest way to protect yourself during an earthquake. If a person cannot find something sturdy to hold on to, they should try to get close to an interior wall, and use both arms to protect your head and neck.

Residents are also encouraged to “secure your space,” which includes retrofitting buildings to reduce damage and securing things within that building to prevent injury.

For more information for the Great Nevada Shakeout, visit

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