Rheumatologist Leah Krull, MD, Joins Carson Valley Medical Center Staff


We are so excited to welcome Rheumatologist Leah Krull, MD to our talented staff of physicians at CVMC.

Dr. Krull joined the Carson Valley Medical Center team in August.

She will be at the Job’s Peak Internal Medicine & Family Practice in Gardnerville one day a week and at the CVMC at Ironwood building in Minden one day a week.

Your primary care provider may be able to provide a referral to see Dr. Krull. If you do not have a primary care provider, you can call Carson Valley Medical Center’s Find-A-Doc hotline at 775-782-1545 and you will be given information on getting established with one of our 17 primary care providers serving Carson Valley.

“I’ve never worked at a small local hospital,” said Dr. Krull, who completed her medical training at the University of South Florida and in New York City. “When I interviewed here (with CVMC), I loved the staff, and the small community was just very appealing to work in. And the need for rheumatology in this area is great.”

A rheumatologist is a physician trained in internal medicine who further specializes in musculoskeletal diseases and systems. They can treat and manage autoimmune conditions, conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints. Common diseases treated by a rheumatologist include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, gout, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Dr. Krull said her main focus in on building strong relationships with her patients in order to enhance and improve their treatments.

“I like to get to know my patients as a whole, not just the joints or conditions I’m treating,” she said. “I discuss with them what they are comfortable with — what medicines, or if they want to try alternative therapies. I have found that when you take into account the patient’s desires as to how they want to treat their conditions, you get the best results.”

“I’m just excited to be able to provide this care to these patients because I know that this area has really needed a rheumatologist for a long time. I’m excited to be able to offer that for people and be here to help them.”

Dr. Krull also said she is looking forward to getting better acquainted with the community.

“I love the outdoor activities, just being in the mountains,” she said. “I’m a Florida girl, so I am used to the beaches and that sort of thing. This area has a whole different world of outdoor activities to participate in — hiking, boating, skiing in the winter. I’m still learning to ski, but I enjoy it.”

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