As Douglas County Prepares For Potential Spring Flooding, How Can You Be Prepared?

Courtesy of Douglas County Community Relations

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Minden, Nev. — With the onset of spring and warmer temperatures, Douglas County would like to remind residents of the potential for some minor spring flooding in the months to come.

With the spring run-off, citizens could expect to see some road closures on arterial roads such as Mottsville, Centerville Lane, Muller Lane and Genoa Lane.

In preparation for flooding, the Douglas County Stormwater Division has also been actively committed to the removal of flood debris in our river channels in partnership, with the Carson Valley Conservation District, Carson water Subconservancy, and Nevada Division of Water Resources.

The team coordinated the removal of 8,136 cubic yards of flood debris and two large woody debris piles off Highway 88 to increase the channel capacity near the bridge.  Debris removal also occurred near the Lutheran Bridge where 8,481 cubic yards of flood debris and 18 large woody debris piles was removed.  In addition, in order to alleviate the potential for water over Highway 395, 2,250 cubic yards of flood debris and eight tons of willows were removed from the Cradlebaugh slough at Cradlebaugh Bridge.

The Stormwater Maintenance Division is also preparing for spring runoff and potential flooding by clearing culverts, roadside ditches and other drainage ways, as well as drop inlets and storm drains.

How can you be flood ready? 

  • Know your flood risk.
  • Know your closest sandbag location
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working. Then, install a battery-operated backup in case of power failure.
  • Clear debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Anchor any fuel tanks.
  • Move valuables and important documents to a safe place.
  • Make a flood emergency plan.
  • Stay tuned to your phone alerts, and TV for weather updates, emergency instructions, or evacuation orders.  Check the Douglas County website and social media channels( Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor.)
  • Talk with your family and make an emergency plan for you and your pets. No matter the disaster.
  • It’s always a good idea to have emergency supplies ready at home, at work, and in the car.

Flood Watch vs. Flood Warning

Flood Watch = “Be Aware.”

Flood Warning = “Take Action!” Flooding is either happening or will happen shortly. Conditions are right for flooding to occur in your area.

For more information about flooding visit:

Residents are encouraged to check the Douglas County website and social media channels( Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor) for updates on flooding and road closures as the weather gets warmer.

Residents are also encouraged to sign up for Reverse 911 to receive emergency alerts on their phone.

To receive text messages about road closures residents can sign up here.

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