Nevada Ranked 8th-Best State For Nurses


A recent study conducted by the Web site Wallet Hub ranks Nevada as the eighth-best state in the country for nursing professionals in terms of places to work.

Oregon topped the nationwide rankings, followed by Minnesota, Washington, New Mexico, Maine, Montana, Arizona and Nevada.

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Hawaii, New York and the District of Columbia rounded out the low-end of the list of 51.

The rankings were compiled based on comparisons of opportunity, competition and work environment, covering a broad range of metrics including monthly average starting salary, average annual salary, healthcare facilities per capita, quality of nursing schools, tuition cost per credit, job openings per capita, nurses per 1,000 residents, mandatory overtime restrictions, ratio of nurses to hospital beds, job growth, average total number of work hours, average time of commute, friendliness toward working moms and many other factors.

Nevada was top-ranked in the nation in terms of opportunity and competition, and ranked first in annual nursing salary.

The full study is viewable here.

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