Former Emergency Physician Joins CVMC Senior Care Practice

Phillips, Matt web
A. Matt Phillips, MD

A. Matt Phillips, MD, recently joined Carson Valley Medical Center’s family of medical professionals where he will serve as a primary care provider with CVMC’s Senior Care practice, located at 1516 Virginia Ranch Road in Gardnerville.

Dr. Phillips has worked in emergency medicine in Carson Valley since 2012 and said he was looking forward to getting to know patients on a more continual basis.

“In an emergent care setting, you’re often addressing the most pressing issue immediately,” Dr. Phillips said. “I’m looking forward to being able to develop care relationships with patients over a longer period of time where one can take time to listen to and address a patient’s concerns with a more holistic approach.”

“Especially when it comes to senior care, patients are often coming in with multiple medical issues, multiple medications and may be seeing multiple specialists. As a primary care provider, I’m able to coordinate a patient’s care, listening to what they say and ensure they get a personalized level of care tailored specifically to their needs.”

Dr. Phillips, who is board-certified in family medicine, moved to Carson Valley with his wife, Theresa, seven years ago from Colorado. He practiced in Colorado for nearly 30 years in both primary care and emergency settings.

“It was just a time in life, we knew it was time to get back closer to family,” he said. “Both my wife and I had parents living here and we wanted to be here to be able to care for them. We’ve loved this community and being able to become a part of it.”

He grew up in Antelope Valley near Lancaster, Calif., and first fell in love with the Sierras as a child.

“My folks had a place in the mountains near Huntington Lake in Fresno County and I and my brothers and sister spent many summers out there,” Dr. Phillips said. “Camping, hiking, backpacking, there were just so many places to dive in.”

Dr. Phillips worked for the U.S. Forest Service while attending college at University of California, Santa Cruz before attending medical school in Montreal, Canada.

“I’m looking forward to this next chapter and getting to know patients here more in-depth than I’ve been able to do at the quicker pace of the emergency care setting,” he said.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Phillips, call CVMC Senior Care at 775-783-4823.

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