Bidding Farewell To A Foundational Pillar At CVMC

Linda L

As a community hospital, our staff is woven together like a tightly knit blanket. Each thread is unique and integral, often covering many different pieces and serving a great many purposes within the intricate design of the whole. We’re made better by the threads that surround us, held together by the common ideal that this community’s health is at the heart of who we are.

On Wednesday, May 22, we bid farewell to one such thread.

Linda Lilleboe arrived at Carson Valley Medical Center 14 years ago and in the time since has become an essential part of our fabric. We’ve called her everything from Registered Nurse to Director of Operations and more or less everything in between. She’s been our Risk Manager, our Compliance Officer, and our Privacy Officer along with many other integral roles, and she’s been a moral support and a touchstone to so many who walk our hallways.

Her quick wit, her humble nature and her kind-hearted demeanor will be missed greatly.

The legacy she leaves here will be a lasting pattern within this tightly-knit family of medical professionals — Something much more than it was when she first arrived; now a model to follow as we continue on into the future.

Linda, we wish you all the best as you move into this next chapter of life!


Some time ago, Linda adopted a dog, Monty, who belonged to a CVMC patient on hospice care. The patient was worried about what would happen to his dog and Linda stepped up to adopt him. To her, it was a logical step in putting the patient’s needs first. We included her story in a recent video on the “Carson Valley Medical Center Standard of Care,” which is shown to all  new hires in the organization. You can view that here:

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