Carson Valley Medical Center Awards First ‘Golden Sock’

At Carson Valley Medical Center, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients – to the extent that we have come to define our Standard of Care as striving to “Knock The Socks Off” of our patients and their families through every step of their journey to good health and wellness with the effort and thought we put into their care.
With that in mind, this year our patient experience team established the Golden Sock Award to recognize individuals within our organization who have truly gone above and beyond to represent that ideal both in who they are and what they have done for our patients.
Thursday, May 30, marked the first Golden Sock Award presentation.
We would like to congratulate Debbie L., from our Bistro on winning the first award.
She and six other CVMC employees (Ellen G from Surgery, Peggy I. from our Emergency Department,   Jodi T. from Senior Care, Kelly L. from Dietary and Shannon C. from Respiratory Care) were nominated by their peers after being spotted going to tremendous lengths to ensure patients’ needs were taken care of. Each nominee will receive a Golden Sock pin for their name badge.
Our next Golden Sock award will be presented this summer. Congratulations to all the nominees!



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