Automatic Compression Device Enhances Emergency Response In Topaz Community


As part of the continued community-wide effort to maintain a Heart Safe Community in Carson Valley and the surrounding areas, Carson Valley Medical Center has partnered with the East Fork Fire Protection District to add potentially life-saving technology to Paramedic Engine Company No. 4 in southern Douglas County.

Earlier this year, working with East Fork Administration, CVMC provided a new Lifeline mechanical chest compression device — capable performing CPR mechanically while first responders focus on providing effective advanced life support measures to the patient — for the engine company in the 1,500-resident community of Topaz Ranch Estates. 

The portable, battery-powered device is placed around the chest of a victim suffering sudden cardiac arrest and provides precise, uninterrupted chest compressions. 


“Carson Valley Medical Center is an essential partner to our Heart Safe Community,” East Fork Fire Protection District Board of Directors President Barbara Griffin said. “If the device saves one life in its lifespan, it will be worth so much more than the funds necessary to purchase it.”

The partnership for a Heart Safe Community in our community has led to three out-of-hospital cardiac arrest saves over the past nine months. Among the efforts contributing to the partnership are the new PulsePoint mobile app which can alert the general public of a need for CPR in the area. The app runs in the background of a user’s phone and users are informed of a sudden cardiac arrest at the same time as emergency responders. Locations of the closest automated external defibrillator will also be provided to app users as they may arrive before firefighter/paramedics or police officers.  

Carson Valley first earned the Heart Safe Community designation in 2014.

“The addition of the mechanical chest compression devices will further assist these collaborative, community efforts,” said East Fork Fire Protection District Deputy Fire Chief Dave Fogerson.

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